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Part # Item Description Price Qty - Order
#5205 Monster Race
Truck Rear
Fits all truck bodies and also works great on stock cars $ 4.00


#5206 Super Monster
Truck Rear
2" high for more downforce. Fits all truck bodies and also works great on stock cars $ 4.50


#5235 Rear Off Road
The realistic looking and functional wing will adapt to any 1/10 car on the market. Customize this wing by trimming to different shapes and sizes for the ultimate in oval or off road. $ 5.95


#5236 Super Single-Level
Racing Wing
3" cord adjustable rear kick up large side dams. $ 9.95


#5237 Bi-Level Super
This is the wing that everybody is wanting! Super neat looking, adjustable and functional. Will work on any 1/10 on-road or off-road car and also 1/12 scales when wing size is not a factor. $ 11.95


#5238 Air-Flow
The wing of the 90's. Strong, lightweight functional design. The fastest wing on the super speedways, road courses and dirt tracks. $ 9.95


#5239 Mini Bi-Level
Smaller size for use on today's ultra fast on-road and off-road cars. Used by many of the top drivers on the super speedways. $ 10.95


#5240 Pro-Flow Off-Road
On-Road Single
Level Adj. Wing
For those high bite tracks that need just a little less wing. Unique side dam wicker bills and adjustable rear flap lets you tune this wing in. It's HOT! $ 6.95


#5241 Super Air-Flow
Bi-Level Wing
Adjustable lower plane kick-up, adjustable bi-level top with the largest side damns permitted. $ 10.95




Rear Deck Mount Slick wing mounting system lets you mount your wing to rear of car body for smoother handling! $ 5.95


#5247 Prebent Wing Wire
with Mounting
Half the work is done for you. $ 4.95


#5248 Wing Mounting
Super tough lightweight nylon, natural white color can be dyed with fabric dye. 1 set $ 3.25


#5290 Locking Body Clips These clips will stay on your car in the worse wrecks. 4 pieces per bag. $ 1.95


#5291 Bulk Locking body clips Same as #5290 but 50pc bulk bag $14.95 Call to order
#5295 Heavy Hitter body clips Made of heavy gauge spring wire 8 pieces $ 2.95  
#5351 Transponder Mounts The same mount that comes in our #5350, but packaged for those that have a practice weight but more then one car. 6 pieces per bag. $ 7.25




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