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Racing Videos



 Lots of great racing action Here at Hobby talk !!!!                        BRP 1/18th scale racing action

                                                                                                                            Racing at Freddies Hobbies Ravenna Ohio

This will show You just how tough these BRP 1/18th scale cars are !!!

                     BRP Figure 8 Race 2008

   SC18V2M on 1/4 scale track 4 cell brushless

           SC18V2M brushless 4 cell WOW Fast !!!


Racing at Lansing, MI
Over 14 SC18 cars competed at the CLR race in Lansing, Michigan. After qualifying 3rd, Bud Bartos took the lead on the first lap of the main and held on to take the win.

You need the Real Player to view this clip. You can download from Real's web site.

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33K - 100K

Cable Modem

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