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BRP Inc. 1/18 Scale

size - Bigger Fun!!!

SC18 V2M           We are currently working on the web site

            The latest generation of BRP 1/18th scale cars the SC18V2M is here. A better handling chassis design with features like pivot ball T-plate with tweak adjusting screws. Pivot point has been moved forward for a smoother running chassis. Now uses the more powerful 2/3 A cells that are available. Still will accept standard size radio equipment.

Our 1/18 Scale Cars can reach speeds of 20 to 25 MPH on 4 cells and run times up to 25 minutes with popular 370 size motors.

That's what BRP brings you with our 1/18 Scale Cars.

We have been producing 1/18th scale cars since 1993.


Realistic racing at a realistic price

Imagine building your own scale raceway in your basement, garage or driveway, or even starting your own R/C car club without the need for a large area. We have successfully raced 6 cars on a 8' x 20' oval track and it's a blast!


                          #160 COT stock car

                                      The car kits include Ball Differential, Tie rod front steering, Mounted and trued foam racing tires and clear racing bodies with wings. These kits are designed for standard radio equipment  allowing you to use your  existing radio gear.                     #161 SAL-7  Sports racer

Check out our catalog and don't forget to bookmark us to keep up on the latest info from BRP.

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