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BRP Inc. Racing at
May 4, 2002

05/06 Indoor Season | '03 Summer Series | Racing at DA TRACK
Mini IROC Race | '97 Halloween Classic | '98 BRP Halloween Classic
2nd MOC Oval Series Race | Christmas Classic

The first race was a hit. Weather was on the cool side but no rain. 20 racers came out for this event and they had a blast.

The Long Haul Award will have to go to Tim Wasso with a 4 1/2 hr drive from MI then we had two from PA and several from Toledo. The weenie roast was hot with all those big racers just ripping into the gourmet dogs provided and cooked up by Dick 2sloww00.(big racers small cars could be our new saying) Thanks to Nil and Craig for the other snacks.

On to the racing!

We ran 5 min qualifers with  Rich Oettinger (nitro racer gone BRP) coming out TQ over Bud. But get this, he was running the BRP house Rent-A-Racer. WOW!!!

We ran into some transponder problems but I guess those things happen at the first race of the year, next time we (I) will remember to charge them.

Here are the main results:

D Main:
1st Gene Greer who finished his car at the track
2nd Spain James (Nil)
3rd his son Lane James

C Main:
1st John Rezzelle from PA (Kanesurfguru)
2nd was Joe Ruberto
3rd went to Patrick Melchor

B Main:
1st Don Smolik (our race director)
2nd just 2 ft behind was Craig Stiwald
3rd Tim Wasso

A Main: We did a 10 min race for this one
1st was TQ Rich Ottinger
2nd Bud Bartos several feet behind. But Bud does not count (home track advantage???) so second went to Donald Weimer from PA running a SC Fun Wons
3rd was Dan Kroff

In the A main we ran 117 laps talk about spinning heads!

Well thanks to all that came and hope to see YA All at the next event on June 1st!!

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