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BRP Inc. 2nd MOC Oval
Series Race

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2nd Race in the MOC Oval Series held at D&D hobbies Mansfield OH

Happy RacerThe second race of this series saw drivers from 6 states competing on the flat tri oval. The 1/18th scale class had a full field of drivers ranging in age from 7 years old to those in there 50's. Most of the  racers in this event were running our new SC Fun WONS DA BUG. Bud  Bartos of BRP brought down some factory rental cars and the winner  Tony Fox of Indiana used one of these rides!

Oval WinnerIn the street spec class Bud Bartos was running a prototype car and ended up taking the "A" main win! What do you think about street spec, should BRP produce this car? email me with any input!

Below are the results of the 1/18th scale class and street spec Sorry I didn't get the results from the other classes.

1/18th scale

  • 1st Tony Fox
  • 2nd Steve Cutshaw
  • 3rd Bud Bartos
  • 4th Eric Radio
  • 5th Andrew Allen
  • 6th Kirby Moore
  • 7th Todd Kensler
  • 8th Shoe
  • 9th BIG E Eric Allen
  • 10th Nick Ellis

Street Spec

  • 1st Bud Bartos
  • 2nd Steve Akerman
  • 3rd Kirby Moore
  • 4th Shoe
  • 5th Todd Kramer
  • 6th Big E
  • 7th Walt Sackman

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